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Hi, welcome to the CatchMe Battle Friends testing family

Have you ever played an outdoors multiplayer game before? if not, play CatchMe and be thrilled! The game designed for kids, friends, and family! Requires an internet connection and geo-location. Do you play outdoors games with friends or children? Then this game is for you! CatchMe is a Tag Game with multiple cards like traps, bombs and more. Use game cards to catch an opponent player or to escape from them! Squad up and compete to be the last one standing in Battle Friends in real life! Use your imagination to build own strategy! Defend your team by setting traps around! Or resist alone against ten! Get CatchMe Battle Friends now and join an immensely exciting and fun outdoors, location-based, multiplayer game! Multiplayer arena could be any safe place in your city: park, square, courtyard and more! SQUAD UP WITH FRIENDS - Team up with your friends outdoors, and split into two teams! CREATIVE - Design the battle strategy with friends: your rules, your land, your battle! HOW TO PLAY: Meet friends outdoors Create a New Game (type new name) Let Friends Join (repeat new name) Hunters (red) catch Resistant (blue) Set traps, bombs & more on the Map Get scores & promote Level Collect coins for new Cards Have fun with Friends! Get outdoors location-based game now!

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